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Can you tell us just a little about yourself?

Hi! My name is Dennis and I am a 21-year-old guy from Italy. Now I am studying economical law in Austria. After I finished high school, I did not know what to do in my life and what direction I would like to go. I think many people were at the same point where they had to decide who they would like to be. I decided to make a solo trip to Cuba to go deep inside of me to find something what suits me. I realized that there are so many options in this world, but also so many restrictions. I decided for myself that I would do everything in my power to fight these restrictions, to be free, to do what I want and what I like. However, you have to work hard. In addition, I am working hard. There is no shortcut to reach your goals. My goal is to see the world, have a cool job and be financially free, to live with people I love.


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So, how would you describe your personality?

I think I am a very open-minded person, ready to socialite with many people. I think also that I am not an egoistic person; I want to give something back to the people that surround me. Despite that, I am a goal seeker, if I find something I want I try to get it and if I fail, I will try it in another way until I reach my goals. I like to work hard and I like to give myself some space to relax.


If you could change some things about yourself, what would they be?

I like myself how I am. I accept the things that I cannot change and if there were something I would like to change, I would do it. I am permanently working and changing myself, there is no resting point.


What motivates you the most?

To do something that I thought is impossible, show myself that I have no borders, constantly learn something new, to do it for my family and the people I love. Fear motivates me, because it is the best feeling when you defeat your fears.


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Can you tell us, what does a typical day look like?

Every day is different, but normally I get up at morning, have breakfast and go to university. In the afternoon, if I do not have courses, I like to train in the gym and after I finish the things, I have to do like promoting, study, contact people and so on. Finished that I relax, meditate, read books, listen to music, and see some friends.


So let’s get to the point, to SanusCoin (SanusLife), how long have you been with the company?

Well, I started right after high school. I needed some money to finance my trip to Cuba, so I worked in an office for a while, but that was not enough, I wanted to do more, so I searched for something where I can earn and learn! Then a friend of mine told me about the company SanusLife. So I am working there as an independent distributor until now.


What is SanusCoin?

Well SanusCoin is a project started by the company SanusLife. SanusLife was founded in 2006 in South Tyrol, Italy and is specialized in the field of “activated alkaline water” & referral marketing. The products that SanusLife offers are tap water treatment systems, nutrition supplements and natural cosmetics all without chemical substances that could be unhealthy for our bodies. Back then, they were a normal company who did really well and grew a lot over the time until our CEO Ewald Rieder started a new project: SanusCoin. The company made a big boom and are now selling on European level. They even managed to take space in Russia and many other countries. The project SanusCoin that Ewald Rieder started changing everything! To the project SanusCoin: SanusCoin is a decentralized crypto currency that relies itself directly on the Bitcoin Blockchain. Not an open source copy of the Bitcoin Blockchain, the original one! With the token, SanusLife, created a 360* ecosystem around the coin and the company! You have the opportunity to collect many coins, to get provisions for telling people about the project, get a discount on every product you buy and be part of a huge social platform. As with Bitcoin, SanusCoins also has an automatic limit. The maximum payout is limited to 777.777.777 SanusCoin. From 2018 to 2024, one hundred and eleven million one hundred and eleven thousand and one hundred and eleven (111.111.111) SanusCoins are simply distributed each year until the maximum amount is reached. SanusCoin will be used as a means of payment and like Bitcoin, they are a great opportunity to make a lot of money and get financially free!


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Why did you come to this company?

After my friend told me about the company, I went there to see some presentations and it really impressed me! First, because of the products, they offer! Our water is full of chemicals and stuff that should not be there. The Ecaia Ionizer of SanusLife is the product that purifies the water and makes it basic to equalize our body-pH-level. Nutritional supplements that are based on 100% natural ingredients and cosmetics that are not unhealthy! Secondary I saw the great opportunity to earn money, primary with the coin and secondary with the referral marketing strategy. However, what really convinced me to join the company was the determination of the leaders. They really want to change something in this world, give many people a great opportunity to do something for their health and for their wallet. That’s it!


What is your favorite part about working in SanusCoin?

One of my favorite parts of working as an independent distributor for SanusLife is that you get in touch with many people. You give, by telling them about the SanusCoin, a great opportunity that could change their lives! You recruit people and you form a team with them. I like to work for something important! Water is one of the most important things in our lives and I think that promoting a product that has the ability to clean a very dirty water is a good thing. Of course I like it also to promote SanusCoin that is doing well and has reached something that no other coin has made before, being of the mother of all Blockchain, the Bitcoin Blockchain! I also like that you have the freedom to decide by yourself when you want to work, I consider it like a side work that I can do whenever I want. Everyone can do it!


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Where do you see this company in the next few years?

The company will definitely grow a lot in the next years! By now, we have about 45.500 members in SanusLife and they will definitely get a lot more! In addition, the company will create new products and new projects for us and for the company. It all just started, we are part of something great that will get much more that great!


I’m very curious, so how has the company changed since you joined?

Well, when I joined the company, they only got started with the project SanusCoin. We did not have the proof that we really are on the Bitcoin Blockchain, there was no Sanuswallet and no SanusCoin and we had only a couple of members. Now, we – SanusLife can prove everything that they promised us back then. SanusCoin has now a value of 3,73 Euro per piece, the wallet that saves our coins is available on Google Play and App Store, the number of members who are independent distributor like me, increased heavily and many other things!


Where do you see yourself in five or maybe ten years?

In a couple of years, I will have finished studying. I do not really know where I will be in 10 years, but I will definitely be a grown up person, with a cool job and a family I love.


Is promoting SanusCoin your dream job?

Yes, it is a very cool part-time job where you could learn much and get to know many people. Depending on your determination, you also can earn much, much money with it. Like I said, in a year I earned enough to make my Cuba trip and sustain myself now when I’m studying.


How do you deal with pressure or stressful situations in these times (nowadays)?

Everyone has his own receipt how to deal with pressure and stress. For stress, pressure and me is important, because then I can focus more and do better. 


Can you tell us, what qualities do you think are the most necessary to be a leader?

There are many values that someone needs, like determination, domination, compassion, to be a leader but none of them are necessary. Every leader leads the people in his own way, one is more dominant and cold hearted, the other motivates and has compassion with his people.


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