Rock ‘n’ roll playbook – part 5

I loaded the gun and shot three times at the door. I heard her fall. She didn’t make a sound.

Maki heard the shots and ran upstairs. He knew he couldn’t have left me on my own. He was up there in a few seconds.

I stood silently, unable to open the bathroom door. The next moment, Maki, out of breath, crashed in. He asked, ‘What the hell did you do?’

Freaked out, I held the gun in my hand and said, ‘The whore had it coming.’

He still couldn’t believe it. ‘You killed a woman?’

I was in disbelief that I had done such a thing. ‘Well, they always wanted equality and I gave it to them. Don’t be a pig, bro!’ I threw away the gun.

I opened the door and saw a puddle of blood. One of the bullets had missed, one had shot her in her right shoulder, and the third and final one had gone straight to her stomach.

Maki said, ‘Take the car keys, get into the car, and go straight to the airport. You have the ticket. Take the first flight to London.’

‘What about you?’

Loudly, he said, ‘You have a chance to succeed in life and you wouldn’t last long in jail; I’m tougher. I’ll keep the cops away until you flee. I’ll tell them I did it.’

There was no time to think it through. I grabbed the keys and got out before anyone could see me. I sat in the car and thought that I shouldn’t drive fast because the cops could pull me over.

I drove to the airport. In the meantime, Maki probably got arrested. The radio was playing my song, “City and the Walls”:


I know I no longer have you

The streets are empty

The city is tripping you tonight

The curtains have a rhythm


Try everything on my face

And with one look loosen me up

Be a part of nature


Wake up, look at me

Cause the magic now begins

Cause the magic now begins


I don’t need anything if I don’t have you

Death on lease awaits for me

No one needs me

I’m trying not to forget you

Wake up, look at me

Cause the magic now begins

Cause the magic now begins


The only thing I could think of while getting on that plane was the kid from the hut. I kind of hoped that I could make it where I was going and then see her again. That was the only hope I had left.


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