By Sasha Raven

Hey Jason, can you please tell us more something about you for the start?

Well my artist name is Jason Thurell and I’m a music producer / Dj, mainly active in the electronic music scene.

Who influences on you, I mean on your music?

I think, I get alot of influences from everywhere, because I’m somebody who don’t listen to one genre, I can listen classical music for their amazing piano parts or world ethnic music for the riddems, I think if you open yourself to different genres of music your brain will be richer at the end.

Can you tell us which electronical genre is your music or maybe there are many of them?

If we need to put it some specific boxes, I would say that my music is festival based like future house, but I could make also some pop songs like Major Lazer.

Through all these years you have gained a lot of success in your country Belgium and worldwide. There’s a lot about you on the internet … How do you feel about that?

I don’t really pay attention so much, I try to tell a story to people and it start with music, when I see people dancing on my music in clubs and festivals this is my satisfaction, because people who dance and party on my music, then I’m the most happy guy in the world.

With which famous DJ’s would you like to collaborate or have you been already collaborated? 


Foto: Maruz

I would love to work one day with Brooks, I think on a short periode of time, he designed his own sound in a way that it has revolutionate the scene.

If you had a chance, would you like to play shows in our country Slovenia?

I would love to play in Slovenia, they love more festival sounds – totally my thing!!!

With which record companies have you been collaborating all these years?

I worked with many like, Mixmash Records of Laidback Luke, Universal Music, Clippers Sound, B.I.P Records and many more …

Can you remember your first start as an electronic musician? When did you start it?

Yeah, I can really good remember this, haha … One day a teacher told me we gonna make a song for the school party for the parents who come, and he brought his laptop with a music maker program called FL Studio and he did some buttons and it sounds so cool, that I always have fascinate me, so I installed a few years later also FL Studio and until today we are still running with FL Studio.

How many tracks (albums) have you released until now?

15 songs.


Foto: Maruz

What are your plans for the future?

The plans are to realease a few tracks this year on some amazing record companies and to play in clubs and stages all over the world …

Jason, thank you for an interview and what would you like to tell us at the end of this interview?

It was really a pleasure this interview, I would thanks the team of this interview for having me and hope to see you all very soon in Slovenia! Greetings, Jason Thurell!


Foto: Maruz


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