By Sasha Raven

I will start our interview, like always, with my simple question. TGW can you tell us something about you?

Hello, hello, my name is Tomi Valentan, better known as Tommy Gee White (TGW), I’m a DJ and a Producer. I started in the year 1999, when I was a teenager, partying with my friends. But the first time, it all clicked for me, was when I came to the first party. The hosts were Shocker D and Red Sonia – Techno legends from Maribor and at that time, I was making roller – skates and skateboards, and I guess this party made me want to be a DJ.


Foto: Klemen Štular; Na sliki: TGW

What is your favorite genre of electronic music?

I like all the genres, i don’t have favorite one. All genres are excellent at the right moment. I’m not really playing with my mind when I do a set, I play with my heart. I do what I think is right, which is the basic of DJ – ing, you play what you think is the right track at the right moment. I like to include a lot of music outside the electronic genre.

Where have you been playing until now, in your music career, on which festivals, clubs etc.?

I have played all over Slovenia, almost in every club, to name just some of them – Štuk, Pekarna, Krpan – (Maribor), Inbox, Valentino, Mr. Stefan Braun, Top, Cvetličarna, F Club – (Ljubljena), Tivoli – (Portorož), and so many others … Several festivals like 24ur Elektronike – (Kranj), Sound of Nature – (Sežana), Eco Festival – (Nova Gorica), Meet Us – (Vrhnika), Festival Lent – (Maribor), these are just a few of them …

With which famous DJ would you love to collaborate the most of all?

Hmmm, it’s hard to decide, there are so many good producers out there, but if I must choose one, I think it will be Angelo Ferreri, one of the hottest House producers right now, almost everything he creates I play, or Oliver Heldens, with something new that he dropped out – called Future House.


Foto: Klemen Štular; Na sliki: TGW

And with which well known DJS have you already share stage?

There have been so many of them, but my favourites were definitely Alex Gaudino from Italy, who produced a track Destination Unknown. The song was hugely popular across Europe, reaching Top 10 in nine countries and Top 20 in many others. Dr. Kucho! A Spanish House DJ/Producer. He is best known for his 2005 single “Can’t Stop Playing”. He had success in the UK, reaching number 4 in the charts. A.T.F.C. His most famous release is ”Bad Habit”, made it into the Top 20. Denis the Menace. German House DJ with top track Fired Up & Coracao …

You are at the moment signed at which music label?

I am currently an independent artist, I can do what I want, no matter what others are saying.

What are your plans for the future?

Play as many gigs I can and produce music that I like. Currently I’m working on something new (from me), I can’t reveal much, let me surprise you …

When you started to produce, I mean doing your own music?

Hmmm, I started doing my own music, I think fifteen or more years back, but this was only for me … I later started working professionally, because in the present times DJ can’t be just DJ.

Do you play on any upcoming show – event, if you do, when and where?

Yes they are currently confirmed Rooftop Party in Čakovec, Croatia on 2.6. 2018 and Forestland Festival in Brezje, Croatia on 13.7.2018. We are also waiting for some others confirmations, so this summer will be great.

Do you play any music instrument?

No, hahaha …


Foto: Klemen Štular; Na sliki: TGW

Where do you publish your music, on which internet platforms?

You can check me up at Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Youtube and many, many more …

In which music program do you create your own music, any favourite?

Logic is an amazing software but I’m PC – based, now, so I can’t run it. I started out running some Mac, but I’m a Windows guy, now, so I perfer Fruity Loops, otherwise, I’d love to be able to work with both.


Foto: Klemen Štular; Na sliki: TGW

What would you like to tell us at the end of this our interview?

It was fun doing this! Thanks for the invite and hope to see you soon somewhere on the dance floor and don’t forget to follow me on my Facebook profile – for more info in the future. Love, peace and have a great day!

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