Lior Gavra – BitterSweet Interview

By Sasha Raven

Lior can you tell us something about yourself?

I am drawn to creativity and being able to create something that can impact others positively. I have volunteered as a firefighter and a soldier. I have ventured into the musical world, as a DJ and play the guitar/piano. However, it was words that I came to realize, that hold a lot of power. Words can create a whole new world or connect to people with similar experiences.

Which poet/writer inspires your work the most?

When it comes to poets, I have looked up to Shakespeare, Frost, Cummings, Poe and others in some way or another. However, more importantly, I read the works of other poets in the community, and feel inspired by the rawness of their words being put down.

How do you feel about the release of your book BitterSweet?

I have always wanted to publish my own book, and just like anything in life, I expected it to have a BitterSweet journey. Nothing comes easy and I am proud of the way it turned out.


Lior Gavra, Foto: copyrights LIOR GAVRA

Where on the internet do you publish your poems/work?

Most of my works can be found through my facebook page: with smaller pieces on instagram @Lgavra but my work has been posted on hellopoetry and medium, as well.

You are a poet, but what is your job or are you a full-time writer?

I currently work in tech, as a project manager for JPMorgan & Chase. I enjoy my current position as I can impact a lot of people with the resources they have available.

Which music do you listen to?

My music genre changes all the time, I can be listening to Rock, Hip-Hop, or House and everything else. I am a fan of melodically strong music that pours emotions through the music notes.

What are the plans for your future?

It is hard to gauge what the future holds for me, I am actually unsure what will happen, but I hope to come out with another book.

Why did you become a poet/writer?

I have always written, and in the past, I started with lyrics for some songs that I wrote. Poetry just connected to me, the words have to be carefully selected and together can create this art. Writing in general has always been a way for me to think up of the impossible, create a place that we have control over.



How do you see this world in which we are living it?

The world can always be improved, but I think the way humans interact with each other needs to be improve even more. Especially with so much technology that brought us closer in the digital way, but has made it harder for people to interact as everything falls a search away.

What can you tell to the slovenian audience at the end?

I have backpacked and traveled to a lot of places in Europe, but have yet to visit Slovenia. I definitely would like to come one day, and am excited to learn more about their culture. I think traveling and meeting other people that are used to doing things differently, helps expand the way people perceive the world. I included a quote on my instagram that sits closely with me, Travelers see the world, not their country, as home.

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