I’M LOSING YOU (Inspired by King of Fools)

I’m losing you, I know.

You seem so distant,

and your heart seems so obscure.

I’m losing you, you know.

You like me, sure,

but you’re incredibly persistant

in making me feel raw

with devastation

and totally alone.


My limbs are lead,

my heart is stone,

my love is useless,

my soul is nailed onto a burning throne

of something that resembles your compassion

and this defeat of love is eating me alive.

Is this the latest fashion?

Is it supposed to be okay to let me down like that?

Is it supposed to make you feel alright to see me sad?

Is it?


I’m losing you, I know,

and it is dragging me below

to where I wish I could forget your face,

your touch,

your words

and your hypnotic, god forsaken grace

that took away my soul.





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