On a visit to Mario Marzidovšek

Written by: Mors Mea

In February 2010 Dušan Hedl drove to Poljčane seeking Mario Marzidovšek. “In 1980s we spent a lot of time together – that’s what I felt, the memory of those years,” Hedl wrote. At that time Mario was successfully meeting his needs for socializing, discussing the most appropriate artistic directions, the musical scene, painting, performance, artistic actions, media handling etc. … the needs of most contemporary active actors on the artistic and musical scene. “In that snowy and rainy afternoon in February, after visiting three to four homesteads in Poljčane, I said farewell to him. He lived in unsuitable conditions,” Hedl explained.

Three times Hedl took a photo of this situation by his cellular phone.



Foto: unknown


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