Kontra kvartet SHATSER CHUSIDL (Akord Records / Kulturni center Maribor, ARCD 025 / FREE CD 047, 2013) Dear listeners, radio hosts and music lovers, Akord Records, a label under Kulturni center Maribor has published the single: Kontra kvartet – Shatser Chusidl The song was released on their debut album: Shalom The single is available through the following links: Video Single: MP3: MP3 zip: WAV:
Acoustic ethno-folk group Kontra kvartet comes from Maribor, Slovenia. Academically trained professional musicians, who do not have Jewish roots themselves, found a common way of expression by playing a genre of Jewish traditional music known as klezmer. Klezmer is a musical tradition of Jewish troubadours which includes many popular songs from various indigenous cultures: Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Greek, Hungarian, Gypsy (Roma), Balkan, Ottoman (Turkish), Arabic.This fusion of different traditions together with assimilated American jazz genre is what represents a challenge for the members of Kontra-Kvartet. Klezmer is a vibrant, melodic, sensual, joyous, yet very dramatic music full of passion, that won’t leave you indifferent. In the year 2011 the group successfully performed at the Klezmer Festival in Tzafat (northern Israel)

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