DREAM PARCEL PICTURES presents its first short film – The Snitch (2022)

“Big city, big crowds, lots of opportunities and lots of crime…”

The year is 1960, four very successful detectives present a big threat to the criminal world. Although seemingly invincible at their profession, their job take its toll on them in an unexpected way. The Chief inspector is murdered and they are left without a leader. Many questions arise: why did the Chief inspector’s journal disappear from the crime scene? Did he stumble upon something or somebody before he revealed their scheme? Was this a crime of passion or just coincidence? Everyone is a suspect. Who’s the conspirator? Who’s the Snitch? 

The Snitch

After Chief inspector’s murder, colleague detective Charles suspects notorious mafia boss Salvatore Carozza as the culprit. Although Charles doesn’t have any proof, he keeps looking and eventually come across something much more sinister than he expects.




The film premiered on 17th December 2022 in Kulturni dom Krško. The filmmakers first had an introductory speech where they explained the making of the film and their goal with their production house. After their speech the film was played and when the film was over, an exclusive trailer for their next upcoming project “Uncharted” was teased. Afterwards a banquet took place in the lobby where visitors could hang out for awhile. The event was also highly publicised via press photography.

Dream Parcel Pictures

is an independent production studio founded by Gregor Zorič with the help of co-creator Jakob Preskar. Dream Parcel serves as a platform for young filmmakers to produce ambitious, original or derivative projects. The concept for the studio came in 2012, first as an idea (M origins) and then later on with short film Gozd (2013), which came closer to the vision that officially took off this year with its first debut The Snitch (2022). In 2014 filmmakers Gregor Zorič and Jakob Preskar also attended the Four River Film Festival in Karlovac, Croatia. Even though Dream Parcel Pictures is still in its inception phase, the studio seems mature with potential to grow not only as a filmmakers’ project but also as a potential movement and an alternative way of creating homemade industry standard film projects. We can certaintly expect a lot more from the studio.

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