By Sasha Raven


Scotty, can you tell us at the beginning of our interview something about you?

I’m a hip hop artist from Canada, residing in the GTA. My main genres are hip hop, R&B, trap, soul, and most urban music sub genres. My style is very lyrically focused and my music is very conscious touching on reality, life, understanding, spirituality, passion, and ambition. The major point of what I’m doing is showing independent artists you can do what you love, for free and still win because the people chose to support not you demanding their money!




Since when you are in love with the music and why did you choose a hip hop style?

I’ve always enjoyed music, but never thought seriously on creating and contributing until my close friend in my second year of university, who was a DJ at the time, started to introduce me to the scene. From there I just dove into it and have been making music ever since.

If you had a chance, with whom would you like to collaborate the most?

Probably Chance The Rapper. I would also really like to work with Alex Wiley, but it’s hard for me to pick Alex at the end of the day given I only found out about him because of Chance.




Who is your favorite hip hop musician?

I’d probably also go with Chance The Rapper. His music is what inspired me to get into rap. He showed me that an independent musician can still make in this industry.

On which all social media can our readers find you and listen and buy your music?

You can find me literally everywhere. I’m most active on Soundcloud and you’ll get my earliest releases there. If you want to buy my music you can go through iTunes, Google, Amazon, anywhere really. If you want to just stream and help me out, check me out on Spotify. Here’s my links:

Steem –

Facebook –

Instagram –

Twitter –

Minds –


Choon –

Soundcloud –

Spotify –

Reverbnation –

From where do you get an inspiration for your lyrics?

I’m inspired by current events, passion, and largely by the idea that anyone can do anything, if they try and don’t give up. I want to instill that into my fans.




Do you play any instrument?

I can crudely play the ukulele and a bit of the synth (if you consider that an instrument).

Are you an independent artist or do you have a record label?

I am independent and have my collective called We The 9.

What are your plans for the future?

I plan to go big this year and make a ton of music. I’m trying to balance my music and Blockchain / social influencer career at the same time, while being an entrepreneur, so it’s a bit hectic.




Do you make hip hop music beats by yourself and if it’s not a secret in which studio program do you make them?

I have made beats, but they were awful. I’ve been using Ableton because that’s just what I was recommended originally and since have been adapting to ProTools. I lease everything now.

How many albums have you released until now?

1 Album and 7 Eps so far. I plan to focus on album releases this year.




With what are you busy now? Maybe a new album, shows, etc.?

Right now I’m focused on growing my social media, getting more into Blockchain and releasing a lot of music this year I’m working on several projects. Ideally, I will get 6 albums out this year, but that’s VERY ambitious.

Scotty, what would you say to all hip hop musicians and to all our readers at the end of our interview?

I’d like to say that I haven’t made it yet, but when I do, you can refer back to this where I said look it takes a long time. You just have to put your head down and focus on the music and do what you love. At the same time if you want this to go somewhere you also have to take the necessary steps to promote yourself and invest your money in your brand. Don’t buy the bull*hit.


– ScottyChams

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